How Your Web Page Design Affects Your Online Marketing

A crucial strategy for growing your online business is acquiring new customers, and for most companies this revolves around their web pages. In a world where online visitors take less than a second to form an opinion about a brand, your website can either secure consumers to buy your products or lead them to seek alternatives. When you have less than a second to make an impression with your web page design, you must know exactly what things are of utmost importance. Below is an overview of how different design elements of your webpage affect your online business, and how you can optimize each aspect to leave a lasting impression.

Primary image

Online visitors are attracted by large visuals. If you have a primary image on your home page, you make certain that the consumers’ eyes are directed to a single point of focus. This then makes it easier for you to guide them to a call to action. If you choose to use a primary image on your webpage, make sure it is crisp, color-managed for the web and tailored for fast download.


A simply and quick navigation on your webpage builds trust on the consumers’ minds. When consumers find it easy to explore a website, they usually conclude the webpage has nothing to hide. It is essential to have suitable breadcrumbs on each web page that aid the consumers to track where they are within the site, and where they have been. In addition to being swift, the navigation should also be creative aesthetically. There’re plenty of simple things you can do with your existing website to improve navigation and give it a fresh feel.

Share buttons

It has become standard practice to add share buttons for social media to give visitors a chance to air their opinions about your brands instantly. This enables consumers to share their thoughts with family and friends right away. It also gives you an opportunity to keep track of what people are saying about you aloud. Furthermore, you can monitor the amount of traffic coming from the social media links. However, since adding share buttons is now commonplace, you do not score extra points for having them. But you get bonus points if you have optimized these buttons in such a way that users do not have to leave your website to access their social media.

Look and feel

It is crucial that your website maintains a consistent look and feel throughout. It is confusing and frustrating for consumers if a web page design is visually unappealing and so busy. If a visitor does not know what action to take next, he/she will be out of the site in a heartbeat. It is best to stick to the same color scheme in every page of the site, and to maintain similar types of graphics and images in all pages. Overall, you should aim to keep things clean and polished. Remember, first impression and the user experience is vital to conversion rates. Make certain your web page design functions to support your business and sales objectives.